Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weekend Spring Blogging!!!

I try not to get too excited because I know that, in all likelihood, we still have a couple of weeks of cold weather in store...but even i can't help noticing the obvious...spring is almost here!

This mourning dove couple has commandeered my "birdfeeder" - I would mind, because they keep all the little birds from coming, but they also keep the pigeons away. I hear them scrabbling around and fighting on top of my air conditioner. The two of them are always together; they have only one competitor:

...Sir Jay of the Awful Squawk.

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Mother said...

I love the way Spring makes your heart sing!

Mrs. Oliver said, you needed a feeder that wouldn’t support the pigeons' size on the perch, one made for small birds. I told her that she just didn't understand New York pigeons. Her being the bird lady and all; looked very confused at my statement. (I have a feeling she could out smart them!)