Wednesday, March 29, 2006

For the Birds:

Quick update:

I'm now listed on the BlogFlux Directory, Chef's Blogs, and can link to them at the bottom of the archive panel on the right. You'll see that Technorati also sponsors a new feature on my blog: a search bar! So if you remember that great chicken 'n dumplings recipe and want to take a look at it, just run a search. You can also click to see what other blogs link to me.

More to come! Be back soon...

And a picture of one of my mourning doves on my fire escape, just for good measure. They've started roosting here sometimes.


Diana W said...

Kate! I just found your blog (yay for skimming Facebook while avoiding honors project), and it makes me so incredibly happy. Between the photos and directions that even I, incompetent as I am, can probably follow, I basically want to make everything you have recipes for. The rest of my semester will be spent in the kitchen, I swear.

vanessa said...

thanks for the update.
man, i need to get more tech-savvy. i am stil having probs with technorati. don't even mention del.ici.ous!

Kate said...

i'm doing my best, but it's uphill typing for confuses the crap out of me =)

good luck though! icouldn't have done it without food blog s'cool...

Lex said...

Congrats!! That's awesome.
(Still drooling over your bacon recipe below.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
Have had computer probs but have a new computer so maybe I can catch your blog from time to time, the recipes are awesome.

Glad you are having fun in NY must get there someday?

Uncle Bob