Saturday, May 06, 2006

Nifty New Blog Feature

Just letting everyone know that Pie in the Sky now features a recipe index in the sidebar! All past posts have been indexed for your perusal and referral...hooray!

Off to prepare a Bacchanalian tapas feast for my visiting mom and dad. Exciting post to come...

Also, coming soon: Meyer Lemon and Vanilla Bean Marmalade!


Lena said...

I've never commented before (eee!), but I love this recipe index. There are things that I somehow missed before and it's so exciting to have everything so organized.


Mom said...

Great recipe index! I see a cookbook in the making!! Congratulations on your graduation and my apologies to your readers for eating the first of your FANTASTIC tapas before we thought to photograph them. Just couldn't wait! We had some wonderful meals during our visit to New York, but none better than this one!!!